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Up to 100% reclaimed asphalt is re-used in high quality asphalt

A major advantage of asphalt is its ability to be reused back into new asphalt. Other materials used in road construction can also be recycled, but only into another product. In Germany and Finland the percentage of reclaimed asphalt being re-used in asphalt again is now at 90% and 100% respectively, which is an astonishing record!1)

Essential maintenance frequently requires replacement only of the topmost layer of the road. Higher-grade surface material can be reused in situ by being planed off, treated and re-laid during maintenance reducing energy costs to a minimum (no transport, no storage, no reproduction, no transport to jobsite again).

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Circular economy has become one of the most significant pillars of our industry and society, but do you know what is the most powerful thing we can reuse and recycle?

EAPA Technical Director Breixo Gomez tells you in this video.

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Industry Statement

A Study of the Use of Recycled Paving Material: Report to Congress, June 1993, Federal Highway Administration and United States Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC. FHWA-RD-93-147 and EPA/600/R-93/095.