• 01
    Research in Europe shows that quiet asphalt reduces highway noise by 3 to 5 dB(A) and more.
  • 04
    Asphalt can be coloured and nicely textured to produce attractive designs and patterns.
  • 07
    Did you ever notice that all Formula 1 race tracks are made of asphalt and wonder why?
  • 10
    The best visibility of road markings is on asphalt roads
  • 11
    Asphalt pavement can be quickly and efficiently maintained and upgraded when needed.
  • 12
    Road users love asphalt for its smooth ride.
  • 14
    Did you ever notice that the majority of automobile commercials are shot on asphalt?
  • 54
    Asphalt pavements can accommodate thermal movements.
  • 55
    Asphalt pavements provide a smooth, quiet, skid-resistant ride surface.
  • 59
    Asphalt pavements can be maintained easily. That means maintenance activities will take limited time and can often be done in off-peak hours or during the night.
  • 64
    Asphalt provides a smooth pavement without joints.
  • 75
    Asphalt the ideal choice for airport runways.
  • 84
    Asphalt is the ideal material for bicycle paths.