Asphalt Advantages

  • 01
    Research in Europe shows that quiet asphalt reduces highway noise by 3 to 5 dB(A) and more.
  • 02
    Hot Mix Asphalt protects the environment by providing impermeable caps for abandoned landfills and deposits of hazardous materials.
  • 03
    Resurfacing an asphalt pavement creates a road that’s smooth, durable, safe, and quiet – and just as good as a new one.
  • 04
    Asphalt can be coloured and nicely textured to produce attractive designs and patterns.
  • 05
    Safe for racing
  • 06
    Asphalt pavements require about 20% less energy to produce and construct than other pavements.
  • 07
    Did you ever notice that all Formula 1 race tracks are made of asphalt and wonder why?
  • 09
    The best visibility during rainy conditions
  • 10
    The best visibility of road markings is on asphalt roads
  • 11
    Asphalt pavement can be quickly and efficiently maintained and upgraded when needed.
  • 12
    Road users love asphalt for its smooth ride.
  • 13
    Asphalt is 100% reusable.
  • 14
    Did you ever notice that the majority of automobile commercials are shot on asphalt?
  • 15
    Up to 100% reclaimed asphalt is re-used in high quality asphalt.
  • 16
    Bituminous asphalt pavements with intrinsic visco-elastic properties can several times be re-used at the highest performance level, even in new asphalt roads having the same performance level.
  • 17
    Asphalt pavements can be built quickly, reducing traffic delays and related costs to road users.
  • 18
    Asphalt is the quiet pavement.
  • 25
    Recycling plays a major role in saving natural resources.
  • 29
    Only the necessary pavement thickness depending on traffic and the climate must be applied to get a durable, cost-effective and sustainable road.
  • 30
    Asphalt is used in domestic water reservoirs, fish rearing ponds, and canal liners.
  • 31
    Asphalt roads are safe roads.
  • 33
    Safe in the wet
  • 34
    Recent research in the Netherlands showed the potential of asphalt pavements to reduce rolling resistance and depending on that reducing fuel consumption
  • 35
    Noise reducing asphalt stops noise at its source and saves money.
  • 36
    Safer for the highway workers
  • 37
    Asphalt pavements are one of our greatest renewable resources.
  • 39
    When used together with re-used asphalt, the CO2e emissions of asphalt can be further reduced.
  • 40
    Safe enough to drink from
  • 42
    Studies have shown that asphalt pavements are the most economic choice.
  • 43
    Asphalt pavement gives the best return on investment of any paving material.
  • 46
    Asphalt is quick to pave, reducing congestions waiting time and thus fuel costs for users.
  • 47
    Asphalt can be constructed at night, saving commuters from costly delays.
  • 48
    Warm Mix Asphalts that are produced and laid at reduced temperatures from 100 to 120 °C are ready-for-use within a shorter period of time.
  • 50
    Asphalt containing reclaimed asphalt is cost-effective and just as good as new.
  • 51
    Asphalt can be laid during off-peak periods (including night working) and still enable the road to be re-opened before the normal daytime traffic flows.
  • 52
    Future recyclability of asphalt reduces the CO2e emissions considerably.
  • 53
    Easy on the eye, safer on the road
  • 54
    Asphalt pavements can accommodate thermal movements.
  • 55
    Asphalt pavements provide a smooth, quiet, skid-resistant ride surface.
  • 56
    Smooth asphalt pavements contribute to fuel consumption savings.
  • 58
    Helping manage waste safely / protecting the environment
  • 59
    Asphalt pavements can be maintained easily. That means maintenance activities will take limited time and can often be done in off-peak hours or during the night.
  • 60
    Safer in extremes
  • 61
    With Warm Mix Asphalt energy will be saved and CO2 emissions will be reduced.
  • 63
    Safe for cyclists
  • 64
    Asphalt provides a smooth pavement without joints.
  • 68
    Asphalt surfaces can be made to be extremely quiet.
  • 70
    Ongoing innovations, such as warm-mix asphalt, reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the asphalt industry.
  • 72
    Asphalt provides solutions for Railway Tracks.
  • 73
    Safe in the dry
  • 75
    Asphalt the ideal choice for airport runways.
  • 76
    Asphalt protects bridges.
  • 78
    Growing importance of road maintenance – asphalt offers solutions.
  • 79
    Asphalt working with the environment.
  • 80
    Asphalt is a flexible pavement.
  • 81
    Asphalt ahead of EU recycling targets 2020.
  • 83
    Asphalt and its role in circular economy.
  • 84
    Asphalt is the ideal material for bicycle paths.
  • 85
    Asphalt roads can be reused directly where they are.
  • 86
    Asphalt protects the environment from hazardous materials.
  • 88
    Recycling of asphalt in-situ is proven technology.