Advantage 60

Safer in extremes

Few surfaces can be more demanding of safety than modern airfields, yet massive jet aircraft can be crippled by even small foreign objects (FO). Military and civil airfields are often surfaced with a specialist (Marshall Asphalt) material which is very dense and not susceptible to damage by the heavy wheel loads and jet blast of modern aircraft, preventing any generation of FO. Marshall Asphalt can also be grooved to provide additional paths for drainage of water on runways ensuring safe take-off and landings for the largest and fastest of aircraft.  

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Increases in the European road freight transport, vehicles weight and frequency of extreme climatic events are deteriorating the European road network at an anomalously fast rate, bringing it close to the end of its service life and requiring more frequent maintenance operations. In this unfavourable scenario, road transport is also nowadays experiencing one of the greatest revolutions of its history, with the arrival of new users, such as the autonomous, electric and high-capacity vehicles, which will help mankind to fight Climate Change and increase road safety. However, all these new vehicles have also characteristics, which may reduce the durability of the road pavements. This third video of the EAPA Series “Generation Asphalt”, analyses the potential risks of the new mobility and how the asphalt industry is getting ready for the challenge.